Lot 804

After purchasing our block of land, my partner and I went to many different builders and designers during the planning phase. We spent numerous hours looking through open homes and speaking to sales people regarding what we were looking for in a house design, taking into account affordability. Unfortunately we were somewhat disappointed that what we were looking for in an industrial indoor/outdoor design could not be completely met. As such, we were close to putting a hold on the whole building process. We called Brent Harris at Co-Style Constructions and had a brief conversation with him. He immediately teed up a time that day to meet with us and his designer Jarmin Leonardi. We were extremely happy with the reception we had. Jarmin and Brent were given the brief by us, and both were open to any suggestions and ideas we had.

Jarmin, being the designer, was passionate about his work. He took the time to design our home with the brief we had given him. On the day that he finished the design he emailed it through to us and we were speechless. It was exactly as we had imagined it to be. We shed tears of joy and thanked him for his professionalism and dedication throughout the design phase. We have now been in our new home for 4 months and love it!

Cheers! - The grls 



Rhad Leonardi developed the design of our house in Brightwater. We are very pleased with the design. It was well resolved in 3 dimensions, and has many commendable features that we are very please with. We would highly recommend Rhad Leonardi as a bespoke house designer.


City Summit: A Dream to Reality

Through design, visualization and documentation, ,Jarmin Leonardi of Rhad Leonardi helped  solidify the complexities of designing and building our artificial rock climbing centre City Summit.  In order to move from concept to design and finally to implementation, City Summit had the choice to go with existing design methods, which would result in a similar look and final product as most climbing gyms, or go with our own design and construction method.  It was through a collaborative design effort with Rhad Leonardi and City Summit were we able to construct every aspect of the climbing floor in 3D, providing a fantastic creative platform.  More critically, this design process enabled City Summit to make critical choices on-screen, avoiding detrimental construction issues as well as meeting our design demands. One of the unique things about City Summit was our ability to replicate a naturally occurring rock face and climbing line known as DreamCatcher.

To our knowledge, replicating a specific climb of this nature had never been undertaken before, and hardly seemed possible at the time--particularly given the time and budget restraints. However, DreamCatcher at City Summit stands as a testament to the ingenuity and hard work from everyone involved, and is the stand out feature of this world-class climbing centre. Adding to the challenges involved (design, documentation, engineering, logistics,  fabrication, construction, and the erection of the modular steel components), was the fact that this would be one of the first rock climbing centres in Australia to meet strict new artificial climbing standards for construction .

Once the design process was complete, detailed documentation was required for engineers to calculate thousands of structural connections for fabrication (as well as produce steel drawings for the fabrication), and the logistical challenge of getting the oversize components to site for erection. City Summit climbing centre began to take shape from 3D design concept to a reality; some of the most complex climbing structures had moved from a "walk through" visualization on-screen, to one of the best indoor climbing centres in Australia.  The transition from design to implementation was achieved with minimal error and hassle. This was achieved through the accurate and precise work from Rhad Leonardi without whose expertise City Summit would never have become a reality.

Damien Hall - General Manager